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For over 28 years privately owned and family run Anchor Alarm has been a provider of intrusion, fire, medical alarms and related services for home and business. With actual hands-on experience since 1977, Anchor was established in the spring of 1988 and is Florida State Certified (EF0000787).
Anchor has specialized in Personal Emergency Alert/Response Systems since the early ‘90s, before two-way voice and waterproof help buttons were available.

Today's products of course, are both diverse and sophisticated.

Our mission and values coincide as we continually strive to provide prompt, personalized service with knowledge of products to serve our clients’ individual needs with integrity, experience and compassion.

To further ensure this level of commitment, only industry recognized, strategically U.S. located, U.L. Listed Monitoring/Care Centers are utilized to provide prompt response times 24 hours a day -- even during storms or times of natural disasters.

We are located in West Central Florida and serve the surrounding counties of the Tampa Bay Area. We also provide medical alarm products and services nationwide.

Our Products 

With an Anchor MedAlert medical alert system, seniors and at-risk individuals are able to stay safe, independent and at-home longer.

Our medical alert systems are easy-to-use. When you need help, even in the shower, simply press your water resistent help button and our monitoring center's care specialist will respond immediately to get you the help you need such as emergency medical, fire, police, care giver or contact person.  


Ordering is easy with no purchase required, no long term contract, competitive pricing, personalized installation and superior service.

Slip and fall emergency monitoring services independent lifestyle

Anchor MedAlert Instant Care System

   Strong two-way voice communicator
Waterproof personal help button available in necklace or wrist strap styles
  600-800 ft. range (depending on environment)
  Rechargeable backup battery
  Incoming call answering feature
 Available Features:
  • Fall sensors
  • Nurse line

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Anchor MedAlert Alert System

   Strong two-way voice communicator
Waterproof personal help button available in necklace or wrist strap styles
  600-800 ft. range (depending on environment)
  Rechargeable backup battery
  Incoming call answering feature

Available Features:

  • Activity/inactivity monitoring
  • Fall sensors
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MedAlert Features & Options

Call Answering

Our Anchor MedAlert Medical Alert System doubles as a speaker phone. Simply press your button when your phone rings, answering your call, and speak to the caller through our unit.

Multiple Buttons

No need to have separate MedAlert Systems for everyone on the home. We can program multiple buttons to one system, saving you money.

Nurse Triage Button

Our Anchor MedAlert Instant Care system allows you to instantly connect with a nurse with just the press of a button.

Smoke Detection

Our Anchor MedAlert systems can monitor smoke detectors and alert emergency personnel when smoke is detected.


Wellness Checks

With activity/inactivity monitoring we can contact responders to verify the well being of your loved one!

LandLine Telephone?

NOT REQUIRED!  We understand that many of our customers rely on cell phones. No problem. Anchor MedAlert can provide a system that works without a landline telephone.

Fall Sensors

For those prone to falling, fainting or dizziness our compact light weight fall detector with integrated help button will activate and alert our monitoring center automatically when a fall is detected!

Our goal at Anchor Med-Alert is to keep our customers safe and independent for as long as possible. We do this by making it easy to call for help. Pushing your Anchor Med-Alert button connects you to our trained care representatives who can contact your friends, loved ones, or emergency personnel so that you receive help quickly.

Slip & Falls - Did You Know?

More than one third of adults 65 and older fall each year in the United States (Hornbrook et al. 1994; Hausdorff et al. 2001).

! Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths. They are also the most common cause of nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions for trauma (CDC 2005).

The rates of fall-related deaths among older adults rose significantly over the past decade (Stevens 2006).


The following tips may help minimize the risk of falling: Walk carefully, slowly if necessary- to keep balance. Remove items on the floor that can cause a slip, slide or trip, such as area rugs, electrical cords or even pet bowls or plants. Consider installing handrails especially in the tub or shower. Follow the advice of doctors and caregivers by getting enough rest, eating properly and drinking fluids. Take medications as directed. Letting physicians know of any side effects or reactions which might effect balance.

Our Additional Anchor Alarm Services

Police burgular alarm monitoring services Tampa Bay, clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor


A security alarm system, like insurance, is something you may not realize the value of until you experience first-hand the consequences of not having it when you need it the most. We offer several types of security systems and safety monitoring services.

Monitoring services for fire, ambulance, emergency.

Fire Protection

Fire Protection systems are just another area we specialize in, allowing you to rest easy knowing your family is safe and secure while also protecting your property.

Emergency dispatch for elderly monitoring services

24/7 Monitoring

We offer protection that does’t sleep, so you can rest easy day or night. Our monitoring center is staffed 24 hours a day seven days a week to keep your valuables safe while you’re away and your loved ones safe while you’re home.

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Provide us with: Name, address, birthdate and phone number of the individual using the alert system. Names and phone numbers of those to be contacted in the event of an emergency, such as relatives or neighbors. Form of payment such as credit or debit card.